Simone de Beauvoir

Released in March, during Women's history month, The ELLE collection is inspired by strong women who impacted our society and made a change in our culture.
All over the world, women have been fighting for our rights and equality and sacrificed for generations to come.

Named after a few of these women, this collection is an ode to their strength.

We hope each piece will adorn you and make you feel beautiful throughout your day and to remind you about your strength and how you can influence big changes in your lives.

-Anne Harrill, head designer and owner of Océanne

Simone de Beauvoir


'What is a woman?'

Our next inspirational women may not be as well known as Frida but her impression upon our culture is just as important!
The quote above is taken from her well-known 1949 book The Second Sex. In the book, de Beauvoir, considered one of the foremothers of feminism, 
argues that women have been made to feel like the 'other' by men  as an excuse for men to not understand their identity. de Beauvoir also explores identity and sexuality through other works of fiction and non-fiction like The Mandarins and She Came to Stay.
Despite being such an influence on the modern feminist movement, de Beauvoir rejected the term until a 1972 interview. 
At the time of her death, noted feminist writer and thinker, Gloria Steinem is quoted to have said,''if any single human being can be credited with inspiring the current international woman's movement, it's Simone de Beauvoir.''

pictured above is the new Simone necklace