Josephine Baker

Released in March, during Women's history month, The ELLE collection is inspired by strong women who impacted our society and made a change in our culture.
All over the world, women have been fighting for our rights and equality and sacrificed for generations to come.

Named after a few of these women, this collection is an ode to their strength.

We hope each piece will adorn you and make you feel beautiful throughout your day and to remind you about your strength and how you can influence big changes in your lives.

-Anne Harrill, head designer and owner of Océanne

Josephine Baker


"I shall dance all my life. . . . I would like to die, breathless, spent, at the end of a dance."

Josephine Baker was a leading entertainer, Civil Rights activist and Resistance spy.
Born in St Louis in 1906, Baker left the states for her adopted home of Paris due to pervasive racism. She is probably most well-known for her popular Un Vent de Folie show in which she wore the iconic banana skirt. 


Her widespread popularity not only led to a lifetime of success but she was also able to use her platform as a Civil Rights activist and World War 2 spy. While she was often invited to perform back in the States, she refused to perform in clubs for segregated audiences. After MLK Jr's death, Baker was even invited by his widow, Coretta Scott King, to be the new leader of the movement. She refused in order to stay close to her 12 (yes 12!) adopted children. 
For more information on this beautiful soul, check out the 1991 biopic The Josephine Baker Story starring Lynn Whitfield.

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