Released in March, during Women's history month, The ELLE collection is inspired by strong women who impacted our society and made a change in our culture.
All over the world, women have been fighting for our rights and equality and sacrificed for generations to come.

Named after a few of these women, this collection is an ode to their strength.

We hope that each of our pieces will adorn you and make you feel beautiful throughout your day and that reading about these strong women will remind you of your own strength and how you can influence big changes in your lives.

-Anne Harrill, head designer and owner of Océanne


A well-known early "girl boss", Cleopatra was one of the last rulers of Egypt as part of the Ptolemaic Kingdom. Her reign, like many, is known for lots of scandal and intrigue. She initially ruled alongside her brother-husbands and after their deaths solidified her reign with a union to Julius Caesar.  After his assassination, she formed a political and personal union with Mark Antony and later committed suicide soon after him. 
Although she's often depicted as just a seductress, scholars say she possibly spoke  a dozen languages and was educated in mathematics, philosophy, oratory and astronomy. She is considered a ruler “who elevated the ranks of scholars and enjoyed their company.” Her likeness has been preserved in many works of art including Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, Shaw's Caesar and Cleopatra, numerous movies and several paintings and sculptures. 

our Cleo and Petite Cleo earrings