Helena Rubinstein

Released in March, during Women's history month, The ELLE collection is inspired by strong women who impacted our society and made a change in our culture.
All over the world, women have been fighting for our rights and equality and sacrificed for generations to come.

Named after a few of these women, this collection is an ode to their strength.

We hope each of our pieces will adorn you and make you feel beautiful throughout your day and that reading about these women will remind you about your strength and how you can influence big changes in your lives.

-Anne Harrill, head designer and owner of Océanne


"I fell in love with beauty a long, long time ago, but what I wanted was to create beauty - not to be blinded by it."

Helena Rubinstein was a pioneer of the cosmetics industry. Born to Polish Jewish parents in 1872, she emigrated to Australia in 1902. While there, her fashionable attire and milky, clear complexion made her an envy of many of the local women. The women were so hungry for her secrets that Rubinstein began selling the beauty creams she'd arrived with. This burgeoning business led Rubinstein to start creating her own creams using the abundant supply of lanolin from nearby sheep farms. In five years, the success of the Australian business led Rubinstein to open up operations in London and later the USA.
In addition to running a cosmetics empire, Rubinstein was also an avid supporter of the arts and donated to medical research and to the America Israel Cultural Foundation.
Helena Rubinstein is still a well-known and profitable cosmetics company and was acquired by L'oreal in 1988.  

our Helena earrings on the right
This wasn't intentional, but these abstract earrings resemble a stylized female form, don't you think? Perfect to represent a woman who revolutionized female style!